PL Bulletin

Lymph Node Protocol Instructions

Posted by: Sue Severson

Physicians Laboratory has recently updated and clarified our instructions for ordering lymph node protocol on specimens. See our Specimen Requirements tab under Client Services for instructions.


If your facility is located in Sioux Falls or Spencer, IA call PL Client Services at 605-322-7212 in Sioux Falls or 1-800-584-7076 in Spencer for immediate pickup. Place the specimen in a sterile container and do NOT add formalin. Specify what testing needs to be performed, e.g. cultures and/or flow cytometry. If cultures are desired they need to be ordered separately, whether on a laboratory requisition or in Meditech.


If your facility is not local, specify what testing needs to be performed as noted above. If cultures are desired, place the order appropriately, then divide the specimen and send that portion to your microbiology department to be plated to media. If that is not possible call Avera McKennan Regional Laboratory at 605-322-7187 for further instructions. If flow cytometry is desired, place a portion of the specimen in RPMI transport media. Place any remaining specimen in 10% buffered formalin. The flow specimen and the formalin-fixed specimen will be sent together to PL.